Duran v. DirecTV, Cobb v. DirecTV, LLC and AT&T Services, Inc., Case No. 4:16-CV-05964-JSW, United States District Court, Northern District of California
Duran v. DirecTV Settlement Administrator

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Why did I receive a notice?

You received a notice because DirecTV’s records reflect that you are a current or former DirecTV employee who worked as a technician or installer in California between December 18, 2010 and March 13, 2019. 


What is this lawsuit about?

The lawsuits, Duran v. DirecTV, LLC (Case No. 114CV274709), Britschgi v. DirecTV (Case No. RG15774968), Bennett v. DirecTV, LLC (Case No. RG15774823), Garcia v. DirecTV, LLC (Case No. BC626175), and Avila v. DirecTV, LLC (Case No. BC640701) (collectively, “the Lawsuits”), allege that DirecTV, LLC violated the California Labor Code by failing to pay employees for all hours worked, failing to pay all overtime, failing to provide meal and rest breaks, and other alleged violations.  DirecTV denies all liability relating to this lawsuit, and DirecTV’s settlement of this lawsuit is not an admission of any liability.

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